• Why safety harness required?

    Why safety harness required?

    Aerial Working has a higher risk, especially in the construction site, if the operator is a little careless, they will face the risk of falling. The use of seat belts must be strictly regulated. In the process of enterprise de...
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  • How to use safety harness

    How to use safety harness

    Why use safety harness correctly (1) Why use safety harness The safety harness can effectively avoid the huge damage to the human body caused by the fall in the event of an accident. According to the statistical...
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  • Material price soars

    Material price soars

    Since the end of last year, affected by factors such as capacity reduction and tight international relations, the price of raw materials has soared. After the CNY holiday, the "price increase wave" surged again, even more than 50%, and even the...
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