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  • It is necessary to set up a safety net in accordance with the rules in aerial work

  • 1. When the device is on each system node, the side rope should be close to the support, the system node should be convenient to tie knots, the connection is strong, the simple knot is opened, and the force is not free and easy.

    2, the use of a number of network connection, adjacent to some should rely on tight or stacked, connecting rope and safety nets raw materials, the determination is not less than the strength of the rope, the device flat network strictly in accordance with the safe operating procedures, which should be consistent with the load height, width of the network and buffer distance.

    3, the safety net device, device plane and horizontal plane straight, vertical net bottom should be fastened and scaffolding security seal, to ensure the safety of the net force uniform, it is necessary to organize network often garbage, have not deposit within the network, network security device is necessary for inspection, qualified rear can be used, the safety net is necessary in accordance with the rules of request for regular inspection.

    4, the safety net in the storage, transportation, process, it is necessary to ventilation, shading, heat insulation, together to prevent the invasion of chemical substances, packet safety network transfer shall not use the hook.

    5. It is necessary to test the safety net in accordance with the GB16909-1997 safety net and the GB5725-1997 safety net.
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