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  • Use and protection measures of aerial work safety belt

  • In the construction site, where is the seat belt hanging, it seems to be a small problem, but the small problem contains deep truth, big concern about the lives of staff. The correct method should pay attention to the following points:

    First, high hanging low use. High hanging, will seat belt hanging above the standing of the local; low use, that is, the work of the local lower than the safety belt hanging position. According to this method, once the accident happens, the joint strength of the safety belt, safety rope and metal fittings can be taken by the personnel, so that the interval of the practical shock is reduced or not dropped. On the contrary, the use of low hanging high. That is the safety belt tied down, and the people stood above the belt to hang the range above work, in this case, when the drop occurs, the impact of the practice interval will be increased, and the rope are subjected to impact load, and the extent of injuries will add a bump.

    Two, to hang in the component or object setting, avoid swing or bump. The rope can not be knotted, the hook should be hung on the connecting ring.

    Three, if there is no fixed hanging place, should be equipped with wire rope to meet the strength or adopt other reliable method. Do not hang the seat belt on the movable object, nor hang it on the object with sharp edges or not strong.

    Safety protection measures for high-altitude work

    1, all work above two meters away from the ground, belong to high-altitude work. All high altitude workers, regardless of the type of work, the time of work, the address, regardless of professional or temporary, should comply with the guidelines

    2, engaged in high-altitude work, it is necessary to undergo physical examination. Who suffers from high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, acrophobia and other people can not adapt to high altitude, Pip in high-altitude work.

    3, before high altitude work, should carefully check safety equipment, such as safety helmet, seat belt, ladder, springboard, scaffolding, etc., if not meet the request, should immediately improve or reject climbing work. 4, all air staff, not wearing hard soled shoes, all use of safety belt. The seat belt should be hung high and low, and the hook on the seat rope will be hung on the high place, while the people will work at the lower level.

    5, high welding welders in more than two meters, it is necessary to find the appropriate range of hanging safety belt, safe operation.

    6, for high-altitude welding, it is necessary to first the flammable and explosive goods moved to the safe zone, but also adopt the corresponding measures to ensure that the cut metal or spark does not hurt people or cause fire incidents.

    By using the 7 electrode, electrode welders, should be installed in the barrel, used with the check. With the head left, should be installed in the iron box or find a proper place for local, after work together with.

    8, staff from the sky to the ground from high altitude throwing objects, is not high to the ground from throwing objects, should use the rope and basket transfer objects. In particular, if it is necessary to throw objects from the upper air to the ground, the ground should be taken care of to ensure that no damage to other people and damage to the equipment.

    9. Small machines for high altitude work (such as gourds, jacks, etc.) should be properly positioned and bound with ropes and wires.

    10, standing on the springboard, should not stand at the end of the springboard. There are no more than 2 people standing on the same springboard.

    11, high altitude area, along the mouth hole, should set the fence and symbol, to prevent lost stock.

    12, the ground below the high-altitude work area, to stop stacking scaffolding, springboard or other debris, ground personnel should stop in the high-altitude work area just below the stop or pass.

    13, stop playing and slapstick in high altitude work.
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