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  • Proper use of seat belts for life escort

  • We can often hear from news reports about all kinds of safety accidents, and the results are often terrible. Now many enterprises attach great importance to the safety of production. Many enterprises will use a lot of large machines and machine, these large things hidden many accidents, because no matter in terms of size and weight are very large, once the occurrence of safety accidents will make enterprises and construction personnel life and property are subject to serious injury. So now, safety belt use other protective equipment safety has become increasingly common, in the production work reasonable to use these safety protection equipment, not only can reduce the occurrence of accidents, but also can improve the efficiency and quality, save the production cost, bring huge profits for enterprises.
    Now, in many large production processes, the choice of seat belts need to measure what standards we can see the seat belt. The type of seat belt is very large, usually our common safety belt is generally used for lifting objects, the shape is mainly flat like giant. This flat seat belt, compared with the traditional small cylindrical safety belt, the force range will be much larger, used to fix large heavy objects will be more stable and safe. In addition to the shape, the anti drop device in the performance of what kind of characteristics? Safety belt and a variety of different materials, different materials suitable for different types of hanging objects. For example, some chemicals transport will use special production, material special safety belt, to avoid chemical drugs to the safety belt corrosion effect, reduce the service life of the seat belt. Therefore, choosing the right seat belt is very important for the manufacturing enterprises. Different enterprises should choose the safety belt according to their own production needs, so as to ensure the safety and efficiency of the production process.
    In the security zone, there is a lighter weight than ordinary safety belt, safety belt than ordinary safety belt bearing greater gravity, this is Dinima the safety belt, so compared with the common safety, safety belt and Dinima in what aspects? We''ll take a look at what happened to Dinima specific security belt.
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